Monday, 14 March 2016

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Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Crocheting a secret...

Just a quick update seeing as I am work and at any moment I could be over run with crazy crafters!!

I am busy beavering away with my hook and yarn making some gorgeous christmas presents for my most gorgeous friends. I can't divulge the nature of these gifts as they may be watching....ssshhhhhh....

I have also embarked on a new project for the shop inspired by some of these rather wonderful cushions on Pinterest...

Just search for 'Mini Granny Squares' for your own slice of Granny Crochet heaven...

See you soon


Friday, 26 September 2014

Busy busy bees

Well hello there!

I have set myself a task! (Gasp!) I will not start any new projects until I finish the ones I am currently working on. Now this may sound easy, but believe me, I have piles of unfinished projects!

So, I started by finishing (?) my Eyeblink shawl (it has already been blocked once, but I think it may need doing again - curly edges). But other than the curlyness (not sure if that is a word) I still love it, it is warm and snuggly!

I also finished my dress with the fabric I bought from the lovely ladies at Aberdashery. It's a cotton poplin fabric and I used about 2.5 metres making it from a great pattern from Prima magazine. I just need to decide which fabric to choose for the next one...

And I have also finished my fingerless mits in Rowan Fine Art 4ply, they are a real luxury wear, they took a while but are so worth it! And the pattern it lovely.
I can not wait to make another pair...but I must finish my other projects first.