Thursday, 31 January 2013

What have I been up to!

Well hello there!

Thought it was time I checked in at Blogcentral and said 'Ola! 

It has been a busy week at the Bradshaw household, I have finished my gorgeous Tulip Cardigan

It was a joy to knit, so quick, a beautiful lace pattern with an easy to remember repeat of 8 rows.

I have also done a Zpagetti Bag for Sherborne Tapestry Centre
It was lovely and easy to make, although the end product is already quite heavy and that is before you put in your keys, wallet, phone, lip balm, hand cream, toddler mittens, toddler snacks, etc... Having said that, the end result is really smart.

A lovely surprise arrived in the post for me on Monday, a cute little corsage courtesy of the wonderfully inspiring Team Pugh 
I was lucky enough to be their 1000 follower on twitter and as a prize they made me this lovely gift. Their brilliant blog is well worth a look for tips, tricks and stories as we follow them on their journey to avoid shopping in supermarkets for a year.

Don't forget, you can find me on twitter too

Next blog post will concentrate on my new obsession...crocheted this space...

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