Thursday, 14 February 2013

Neglectful Blogger

Blog Neglect!

So, its been a while! And for that I apologise. I do however, have a rather good excuse, I have been really really busy!

Since finishing my gorgeous Tulip Cardigan. I have been busy trying to find a new and exciting project to get my knitting teeth into!
I have trawled Ravelry (
flicked determindly through my ever expanding stash of knitting magazines (don't worry won't be adding a picture of that!!) and even gone through most of the patterns at work ( but all to no avail! 
I find myself at a knitting crisis point...AARRRGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!

With this crisis in mind, I would like to share a rather wonderful page with you . There are some fabulous ideas for what you make with yarn! Definitely worth a look.

Anyway, I will continue on with my research and I am sure something will come to me in time. 

In other news, my crochet roses for the Valentine's window at the shop went down well, lots of positive comments. Will try and do some more colours for the Mothering Sunday display.

I have also signed up for my first craft fair! Quite excited, it is to raise money for Sticky Church, a childrens group at Cheap Street Church, Sherborne, where you can take your little ones on the first Saturday of the month, they make, stick, cut, sing, listen to stories and even get a little snack. So all the money raised will go to buying supplies for this great community group. So, on the 9th March from 10am I will be there, selling my wares! (More info closer to the time).

Off to Wales on holiday for half term, so hoping to have lots of yarny stories and finds to share with you then.

Lots of love, Caroline Makes It!

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