Thursday, 7 November 2013


I have entered the somewhat mystical world of the Moebius!

After a customer asked me last week if I could teach her the Cat Bordhi Moebius
cast on so she could keep up with her friends at the local knitting circle/ I have to say I was initially slightly apprehensive, having viewed in the past the famous You Tube tutorial, I knew perfectly well what the lady was referring to, but was less than convinced that I could accommodate her request.
However, never one to shy away from a challenge, particularly a yarn based one, I have embarked on a journey...

Mo´bi`us strip`
n.1.A mathematical object, or a physical representation of it, which is a two-dimensional sheet with only one surface. It is constructed or visualized as a rectangle, one end of which is held fixed while the opposite end is twisted through a 180 degree angle and joined to the fixed end. It is a two-dimensional object that can only exist in a three-dimensional space.

Thanks to the rather wonderful Cat Bordhi's 
You Tube tutorial

I have downloaded her free pattern 

Chosen my yarn:

So, wish me luck! 

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