Friday, 27 December 2013

The Hexipuff revolution has arrived at my house!

Now that I have finished all the projects for Christmas, my mind has turned to what to do next!?

This time last year I decided to do a Granny Square a day, there were various forums and photostreams where you could share you 'Granny-a-day' project with other likeminded crochet enthusiasts, but by mid-January I had lost interest, my sizing was all wrong ( I had chosen my squares to be 5"x5", this would have resulted in a blanket the size of North Yorkshire!).

So this time, I am determined to choose a project that is
a) small
b) portable
c) interesting
d) beautiful

And this is what I have picked!

Image courtesy of Tiny Owl Knits - Beekeeper's Quilt

The Bee Keeper's Quilt by Tiny Owl Knits has been on my wish list for some time, the Hexipuffs that go together to form this beauty have become a cult in themselves!

6466 people have added one of these lovely quilts to their projects on Ravelry alone, there are blog posts everywhere telling of the addictiveness of making these little puffs of wonder.

Alana from is a wonderful example of this, she even has a pinterest board dedicated to them!

However, I am only on hexipuff number 2 so I have a long way to go on my Bee Keeper journey, here he is....


He may not be perfect, but he all mine!!

Right, I'm off to knit some more Hexipuffs!!


  1. I have a basket of hexipuffs I have neglected for quite a while. I really must knit some more.

  2. Definitely! I am loving mine so far!


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