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Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Visit to Aberystwyth - Part 2

Hi, its me again! Twice in two days! Almost like a dedicated blogger now!

Anyway as promised, here is my second instalment of what we did in Aberystwyth.

Whilst it is fair to say we bumped into some gorgeous friends (you know who you are...) shopped, spent time with family and ate far too much, we also spent one day on a yarn trail of West Wales.

Starting with a tip off from a friend, we spent the day driving round West Wales visiting Carmarthen and Lampeter in the hope of finding some interesting yarn. In Carmarthen we found 'The Wool Baa' (great name) in the new market hall.  

A lovely little shop/stall with a mountain of yarn, but somehow nothing really took my fancy. 

So after some lunch we mooched onto Lampeter, where much to my delight we found Calico Kate's 
An Aladdin's cave of knitting, sewing, quilting... I was quite restrained, and only bought 5 balls of wool and a crochet hook! (Well it was a 8mm and I didn't have that size!) 

Back in Aberystwyth, I can't finish this blog post without mentioning two other lovely shops, firstly Aberdashery (another great name), you can follow them on facebook 
And, Claire's 
Both shops are brilliant, full of ideas, advice and inspiration.

So, to conclude, I returned from our Welsh adventure with still more yarn for the stash and a woolyhead full of more ideas!

Happy crafting guys xxx

Monday, 25 February 2013

Half term visit to Wales, Part 1

Well hello there you!

Its been a while, but I hope you agree, absence makes the heart grow fonder! 

As it was half term, we packed up the car and headed for our usual trip to Wales, specifically, Aberystwyth, my home town. The weather was freezing, but dry, so we made it out for walks most days, including a rather lovely one up Constitution Hill...

The sun was shining, mini Bradshaw was in a good mood, and for a change I was wearing appropriate footwear! 

As mini Bradshaw was in such a good girl and walked all the way to the top, we treated her to a ride on the cliff railway back down the hill. 

A quick history of the Aberystwyth Cliff Railway:

    • The Aberystwyth Cliff Railway opened in 1896 and operated on a water balance system until electrification in 1921.
    • The unique design of the undulating track and tilted carriages is the work of George Croydon Marks, a man who played a key role in several projects during the golden age of funicular construction, and later made his name in politics as Lord Marks the liberal peer.
    • the historic aberystwyth cliff railway 240The carriages are hauled to the summit at a stately 4 miles per hour, and are powered by a powerful motor and high-tensile steel cables supported by a sophisticated electronic safety system.
    • In the mid-section of the journey the railway is in a deep cutting, where 12,000 tons of rock was excavated to allow the winding footpath to cross overhead on a series of bridges.
    • Constitution Hill was the Victorian predecessor of our modern-day theme parks and is still amongst the most popular attractions in the area.
    • The visitors to the Victorian 'Luna Park' accessed the hilltop recreation area via the cliff railway and a century later it is still possible to retrace the steps of our ancestors on this funicular steeped in history.

(More information and pictures available from

Tomorrow I will hopefully blog to you a quick summary of our yarny adventures whilst in Wales too, including an impromptu trip to Carmarthen and Lampeter...