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Saturday, 29 June 2013

Evening All!

Probably a short post today, although as you may have noticed, there is always a chance I will ramble on...

Anyway, first to bring you up to date with my current WIPs (Work in Progress).
The caramel cardigan in Montana is coming along lovely, I've separated the sleeves off and have started on the body of it now, once I have done a little more I will post a pic, at the moment it doesn't photograph so well as it hasn't really taken shape!

However the main news for the week is that I have successfully taught five ladies to crochet - yeah!!! These lovely ladies were at the Granny Squares workshop.
We had a great morning exploring the different colour combinations, joining techniques and possible uses for the mighty granny square. The workshop takes place in the beautiful surrounding of Butterfly Bright with plenty of tea, coffee and homemade cake!

Its a haven for all quilters, seamstresses, embroiders, those of you that love a wonder round a beautiful shop, and now knitters and crocheters too! I've been doing workshops on crochet flowers/motifs, granny squares and beginners crochet. Next week I am hoping to teach some novice knitters, but so far it would seem that everyone in Sherborne, Dorset can already knit!!

Here is a spoiler for my next blog post...
My new toy!

Thursday, 2 May 2013

Day 2 of photo-a-day challenge, but first some exciting news!

Who has seen this months copy of Yarnwise magazine?

Just take a look at this...
Do you recognise 'Star Knit'? Its ME in my rather lovely 'Tulip Cardigan', I'm sooo proud!

Anyway, to the matter in hand today, my second photo in the May photo-a-day challenge and today's subject was 'Morning Ritual',

Explanation: Every Thursday, after dropping off Mini-Me at nursery and before going to Sherborne Tapestry Centre to teach crochet, I stop off in Costa Coffee for a treat, this morning it was a Mocha Coffee Cooler and a flick through Yarnwise magazine. And it was lovely x