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Saturday, 12 October 2013

Gosh its Autumn

Thanks for stopping by and having a look at my little blog...

This is easily my favourite time of the year, the colours are stunning, the nights are drawing in and Downton Abbey is back on the TV! Perfect...

And we all know what Autumn means...Halloween (and coincidentally, my father-in-law's birthday on the say day?!?). Those of you that know me will remember my frantic knitting last year to complete a rather large order for pumpkins (14 in total). So this year I am not going to get my needles in a twist and will not be knitting any more.

I do however, have a plenty of other autumnal projects on the hooks, needles and sewing machine...Jumpers, baby blankets, A-line skirts, carpet bags, crochet bunting, the list goes on.

But my current obsession is for all things Fairisle. This website ( has some beautiful designs and also an interesting piece on the history of this stunning technique.
I quite like this offering from Rowan Yarns ( And now that we stock the gorgeous Rowan yarn at Butterfly Bright, Sherborne, ( there is no stopping me, so watch this space to see what I make...

Saturday, 29 June 2013

Evening All!

Probably a short post today, although as you may have noticed, there is always a chance I will ramble on...

Anyway, first to bring you up to date with my current WIPs (Work in Progress).
The caramel cardigan in Montana is coming along lovely, I've separated the sleeves off and have started on the body of it now, once I have done a little more I will post a pic, at the moment it doesn't photograph so well as it hasn't really taken shape!

However the main news for the week is that I have successfully taught five ladies to crochet - yeah!!! These lovely ladies were at the Granny Squares workshop.
We had a great morning exploring the different colour combinations, joining techniques and possible uses for the mighty granny square. The workshop takes place in the beautiful surrounding of Butterfly Bright with plenty of tea, coffee and homemade cake!

Its a haven for all quilters, seamstresses, embroiders, those of you that love a wonder round a beautiful shop, and now knitters and crocheters too! I've been doing workshops on crochet flowers/motifs, granny squares and beginners crochet. Next week I am hoping to teach some novice knitters, but so far it would seem that everyone in Sherborne, Dorset can already knit!!

Here is a spoiler for my next blog post...
My new toy!

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Well, I am revisiting an old pattern this week (you may need to log in to see this pattern, it is however free to download).
I have had a go with this one before, but fell out of love with my colour choice. This time I am using the gorgeous Sirdar Montana in Klondike
And so far so good, I'm on to the raglan increases and the colours are coming through beautifully. 
Unfortunately, this photo doesn't do the colours justice, but it has been taken at 8.30pm with the sun setting outside.  I will of course, keep you all posted on my progress!

The crochet baby blanket, from issue one of Simply Crochet. I'm using Stylecraft Special DK in Mocha, and its coming along really nice, as its a special commission, I won't be posting any pics until it's finished, but needless to say, I am loving making it.

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

This morning the weather is glorious, the sun is shining, the birds are singing and all is generally well with the world. Hoping to have a rather productive day today, have some crochet hook cases and needle cases to get lined, and then they can be added to the Folksy shop (

I have already done my photo-a-day challenge, today's title is 'Something beginning with F' so here is my offering...
Forget-me-nots, my favourite flower, we are lucky enough to have the blues and purples in our garden and they create a spring carpet along the borders, just lovely xx

Folklore and legend (info from Wikipedia)

Henry IV adopted the flower as his symbol during his exile in 1398, and retained the symbol upon his return to England the following year.

In a German legend, God named all the plants when a tiny unnamed one cried out, "Forget-me-not, O Lord!" God replied, "That shall be your name."

In 15th-century Germany, it was supposed that the wearers of the flower would not be forgotten by their lovers. Legend has it that in medieval times, a knight and his lady were walking along the side of a river. He picked a posy of flowers, but because of the weight of his armour he fell into the river. As he was drowning he threw the posy to his loved one and shouted "Forget-me-not." It was often worn by ladies as a sign of faithfulness and enduring love.


Friday, 3 May 2013

Well hello there!

Here we are, 3rd May already! And its day 3 of my photo challenge. Today's title is 'This is really good' and after a lovely morning of crochet and knitting at Butterfly Bright's Sewing Bee followed, by some thrifty finds in the local Tenovus shop (photos to follow tomorrow, I promise) and an afternoon of playing in the garden with Mini-me, what could finish off the perfect day?

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Busy Busy

Well hello there all of you in the blogshere!

I think we can safely say, spring has finally sprung! And not before time!! Yesterday was my first day of knitting in the garden, hopefully the first of many. I find the garden the best and most relaxing place to craft, mini-me can do some digging and jumping on the trampoline, and I can just make the most of the fresh air.

So with the improving weather, and the hope that the heating will now have a rest! I've decided that my craft projects need to reflect the changing of the seasons. I have start a beautiful crochet scarf in bamboo mix in cerise, the pattern is in Simply Crochet Issue 4, called Raspberry Ripple it's featured on the front page.

I am also almost finished a lovely sock yarn shawl, its a simple triangular shape and I have designed the stitch pattern myself, the yarn is Roam by Wendy in orangey tones, my favourite colours of the moment!

Finally I wanted to share with you this gorgeous crochet Granny Square scarf I spotted whilst watching my new favourite programme - The Great British Sewing Bee...

(Screenshot from bbc iplayer, episode 3)
This is the gorgeous Ann Rowley, the 81 year old who has captured the hearts of the nation along with all the other contestants on what has to be BBC2's best programme for quite some time! Ann also lists knitting as one of her interests, allowing her a special place in this crafters heart! Good luck Ann, Lauren and Sandra, the crafting community will be tuning in with bated breath next Tuesday to see who will win.

Saturday, 13 April 2013

New items added

I've added some new items to my Folksy Shop, what do you think?

Please take a look at my shop for a full details of all items available xx

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

I've been busy!

Hello!!Its been a while, but don't worry I have not been idle!

Brief catch up required, me thinks...

In the past week or so I have been...

Taking part in my first ever craft fair!

It went really well, met loads of lovely people and even managed to sell quite a bit too! 

I've also been crocheting myself a new scarf...

Its a beautifully simple pattern  ( takes no time at all, I have already made a start on a more light weight on for summer, made with some gorgeous cotton yarn that my Grandmother bought me from Lidl. In order to make the stripes as random as possible I stumbled across the most fantastic  website Its a brilliant idea, you put the colours of your choice in and it randomly generates a sequence! And if you don't like the first one, refresh the page and it gives you another! Brilliant!

And finally, I have been busy listing new items on my Folksy Shop        

I'll be adding more items tomorrow, including some new bags, mobile phone covers and hair clips xxx

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Visit to Aberystwyth - Part 2

Hi, its me again! Twice in two days! Almost like a dedicated blogger now!

Anyway as promised, here is my second instalment of what we did in Aberystwyth.

Whilst it is fair to say we bumped into some gorgeous friends (you know who you are...) shopped, spent time with family and ate far too much, we also spent one day on a yarn trail of West Wales.

Starting with a tip off from a friend, we spent the day driving round West Wales visiting Carmarthen and Lampeter in the hope of finding some interesting yarn. In Carmarthen we found 'The Wool Baa' (great name) in the new market hall.  

A lovely little shop/stall with a mountain of yarn, but somehow nothing really took my fancy. 

So after some lunch we mooched onto Lampeter, where much to my delight we found Calico Kate's 
An Aladdin's cave of knitting, sewing, quilting... I was quite restrained, and only bought 5 balls of wool and a crochet hook! (Well it was a 8mm and I didn't have that size!) 

Back in Aberystwyth, I can't finish this blog post without mentioning two other lovely shops, firstly Aberdashery (another great name), you can follow them on facebook 
And, Claire's 
Both shops are brilliant, full of ideas, advice and inspiration.

So, to conclude, I returned from our Welsh adventure with still more yarn for the stash and a woolyhead full of more ideas!

Happy crafting guys xxx

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Hello you lovely people in Blogsville!

Hope you are keeping well!

Its been a little quiet here at The Bradshaws. After the elation of finishing my Tulip Cardigan...

There has been a distinct lack of direction to my crafting. I've dabbled in card making...

Crocheted a spot of mini-bunting...

But to be honest, I don't really know where I am going with it all! I need another juicy project to get my teeth into! 

In other news, the weather here in Dorset has been totally weird today. A strange combination of snow and hail, a bizarre phenomenon that I am going to call 'Snail' or should that be 'Haow' ?? Anyway, the result was little odd to say the least, it was the shape of Hail (little white balls) but the consistency of snow?? I don't however, feel we need to dwell on this too much.

I did however find a great tutorial on youtube for making there rather sweet little crochet flowers courtesy of the lovely people at The Making Spot...

Its super quick and easy and quite addictive!

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Another Thank You!

Before I begin with my usual ramblings! (I have a great topic for you today) I would like to say a big Thank you to the lovely Mrs Crafty B for featuring me on her 'Meet the Maker' blog this week...    Go on, take a look!

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Snow Day Dilemma

Well hello there you!

As most of you will know, we had quite a bit of snow in the South West yesterday...
(Didn't Sherborne look pretty?)

And today, whilst we haven't had any more snow fall, what we had yesterday is showing no signs of melting.  So, I am going to stay in and make stuff! Sounds like a plan, but what is she going to make, I hear you say...

A snow day, might just turn out to be the perfect day for knitting some more of my Caramel Cardigan...

Or perhaps do some more of my Tulip Cardigan...

Or maybe even crochet some more of my triangle shawl, using up all the waste 4ply yarn that I have hanging around the house...

Then of course, there is the Granny-a-Day project that needs constant attention... that even has it's own page!!

And so the list goes on...

The problem is whilst a snow day is obviously the perfect crafting day - its cold out, warm in the house, the woodburner is blazing, the kettle is on and my yarn mountain is calling to me, my biggest issue is where to start, I imagine an idyllic picture of myself curled up my the fire, mug of steaming coffee at my side, perfectly creating a woolly masterpiece, but I don't know where to start! Instead, I spend half the morning, washing up, putting clean clothes away, filling the washing machine, getting coal in from the shed, and so on, so now at almost lunch time I am faced with the possibility that I have frittered away my perfect crafting day on housework and internet surfing instead of actual crafting! Aaarrghhhh...

Thursday, 17 January 2013


Q. How excited am I? 
A. Toooo Excited!!!

I am delighted to inform my dedicated band of followers that you can now read a 'Meet the Maker' interview with me on the fabulous
It is such a great opportunity to talk unapologetically about my love of crafting with yarn. I hope you enjoy the read, and do add Yarn Spy to your blog list, it's a great read dedicated to all things yarny!

In other news...
Had a great morning at work ( managed to help a good few people with their crafty needs and re-vamped the window with the new Bergere de France range of yarn. There are some beautiful colours available and if it's not in stock we can always order it in. It's the same company that have bought out the new Knit and Stitch weekly collectors magazine, and it is a dream to knit with.

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Hello and Welcome to my Blog!

Who would have thought that little ol' me would get blogging!

Anyway, here I am, and for those of you who don't know me, here is a little synopsis.
Wife and mother of one, living and working in Dorset.

My passions in life largely revolve around yarn! Knitting, crochet, sewing, you name it, I love it! I have a shop on Folksy where I sell handmade loveliness in the form of scarves, bags, and other accessories.

I also work part time in a local wool shop which is fabulous as I get to play with lots of wool, help the lovely people of Sherborne with their woolly woes and design new and interesting window displays! And finally, I also volunteer one day a week at Sue Ryder .

So that's about it, now you know about me!

You can also find me on twitter