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Tuesday, 22 January 2013

A whole lot a...

Lists !!!

I love lists, I make lists for everything, shopping lists, knitting lists, Christmas lists (yes I have already started my 2013 list), to do lists, work related lists, housework get the picture!

There is something hugely satisfying about starting a new list, on a fresh clean sheet of pure white paper! 
Of course, for a seasoned professional list maker like myself, it is imperative to have the right equipment, a suitable note book, various coloured pens (for colour coding, glitter ones are best!) and of course sticky notes to add emphasis where required!

Whilst some may accuse me of being over controlling, a control freak even (heaven forbid!) having done some research (googling!) I can confirm that I am actually amongst good company in my list making...Madonna, Martha Stewart and Benjamin Franklin are all well known as list makers!

And for those of you just starting out on your list making journey, there is a wonderful blog where you can download cute and quirky list templates, just to get you started!

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