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Sunday, 6 July 2014

Lace knitting - taking the plunge...

I have skirted around the idea of lace knitting for a while, and some of you may remember the cardigan I knitted that won star knit in Yarnwise magazine last year,
but I have shied away from a full on lace shawl despite numerous hours lost drooling over the patterns on Ravely!

Until now...

A free pattern by the wonderful Heidi Alander, from Finland. A talented knitting designer who very generously offers many of her patterns for free on Ravelry.

This one is called Eyeblink, and I think you will agree, it looks rather beautiful!

Photos by Tiina Rammo from Ravelry
I am going to be using some left over yarn that I have squirrelled away in a heathery purple colour. I can't even tell you what brand it is (the label and yarn have parted company) but I can tell you it is lovely!

This will be my first attempt at following a charted lace pattern, and to be honest I am more than a little apprehensive...

I am anticipating many questions to my fellow knitters on the beginners lace forums but I am sure this one is do-able!?!

Perfect for a thundery Sunday afternoon, curled up on the sofa watching re-runs of Midsomer Murders!

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Busy Busy

Well hello there all of you in the blogshere!

I think we can safely say, spring has finally sprung! And not before time!! Yesterday was my first day of knitting in the garden, hopefully the first of many. I find the garden the best and most relaxing place to craft, mini-me can do some digging and jumping on the trampoline, and I can just make the most of the fresh air.

So with the improving weather, and the hope that the heating will now have a rest! I've decided that my craft projects need to reflect the changing of the seasons. I have start a beautiful crochet scarf in bamboo mix in cerise, the pattern is in Simply Crochet Issue 4, called Raspberry Ripple it's featured on the front page.

I am also almost finished a lovely sock yarn shawl, its a simple triangular shape and I have designed the stitch pattern myself, the yarn is Roam by Wendy in orangey tones, my favourite colours of the moment!

Finally I wanted to share with you this gorgeous crochet Granny Square scarf I spotted whilst watching my new favourite programme - The Great British Sewing Bee...

(Screenshot from bbc iplayer, episode 3)
This is the gorgeous Ann Rowley, the 81 year old who has captured the hearts of the nation along with all the other contestants on what has to be BBC2's best programme for quite some time! Ann also lists knitting as one of her interests, allowing her a special place in this crafters heart! Good luck Ann, Lauren and Sandra, the crafting community will be tuning in with bated breath next Tuesday to see who will win.