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Saturday, 29 June 2013

Evening All!

Probably a short post today, although as you may have noticed, there is always a chance I will ramble on...

Anyway, first to bring you up to date with my current WIPs (Work in Progress).
The caramel cardigan in Montana is coming along lovely, I've separated the sleeves off and have started on the body of it now, once I have done a little more I will post a pic, at the moment it doesn't photograph so well as it hasn't really taken shape!

However the main news for the week is that I have successfully taught five ladies to crochet - yeah!!! These lovely ladies were at the Granny Squares workshop.
We had a great morning exploring the different colour combinations, joining techniques and possible uses for the mighty granny square. The workshop takes place in the beautiful surrounding of Butterfly Bright with plenty of tea, coffee and homemade cake!

Its a haven for all quilters, seamstresses, embroiders, those of you that love a wonder round a beautiful shop, and now knitters and crocheters too! I've been doing workshops on crochet flowers/motifs, granny squares and beginners crochet. Next week I am hoping to teach some novice knitters, but so far it would seem that everyone in Sherborne, Dorset can already knit!!

Here is a spoiler for my next blog post...
My new toy!

Friday, 3 May 2013

Well hello there!

Here we are, 3rd May already! And its day 3 of my photo challenge. Today's title is 'This is really good' and after a lovely morning of crochet and knitting at Butterfly Bright's Sewing Bee followed, by some thrifty finds in the local Tenovus shop (photos to follow tomorrow, I promise) and an afternoon of playing in the garden with Mini-me, what could finish off the perfect day?

Saturday, 13 April 2013

New items added

I've added some new items to my Folksy Shop, what do you think?

Please take a look at my shop for a full details of all items available xx

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Visit to Aberystwyth - Part 2

Hi, its me again! Twice in two days! Almost like a dedicated blogger now!

Anyway as promised, here is my second instalment of what we did in Aberystwyth.

Whilst it is fair to say we bumped into some gorgeous friends (you know who you are...) shopped, spent time with family and ate far too much, we also spent one day on a yarn trail of West Wales.

Starting with a tip off from a friend, we spent the day driving round West Wales visiting Carmarthen and Lampeter in the hope of finding some interesting yarn. In Carmarthen we found 'The Wool Baa' (great name) in the new market hall.  

A lovely little shop/stall with a mountain of yarn, but somehow nothing really took my fancy. 

So after some lunch we mooched onto Lampeter, where much to my delight we found Calico Kate's 
An Aladdin's cave of knitting, sewing, quilting... I was quite restrained, and only bought 5 balls of wool and a crochet hook! (Well it was a 8mm and I didn't have that size!) 

Back in Aberystwyth, I can't finish this blog post without mentioning two other lovely shops, firstly Aberdashery (another great name), you can follow them on facebook 
And, Claire's 
Both shops are brilliant, full of ideas, advice and inspiration.

So, to conclude, I returned from our Welsh adventure with still more yarn for the stash and a woolyhead full of more ideas!

Happy crafting guys xxx

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Neglectful Blogger

Blog Neglect!

So, its been a while! And for that I apologise. I do however, have a rather good excuse, I have been really really busy!

Since finishing my gorgeous Tulip Cardigan. I have been busy trying to find a new and exciting project to get my knitting teeth into!
I have trawled Ravelry (
flicked determindly through my ever expanding stash of knitting magazines (don't worry won't be adding a picture of that!!) and even gone through most of the patterns at work ( but all to no avail! 
I find myself at a knitting crisis point...AARRRGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!

With this crisis in mind, I would like to share a rather wonderful page with you . There are some fabulous ideas for what you make with yarn! Definitely worth a look.

Anyway, I will continue on with my research and I am sure something will come to me in time. 

In other news, my crochet roses for the Valentine's window at the shop went down well, lots of positive comments. Will try and do some more colours for the Mothering Sunday display.

I have also signed up for my first craft fair! Quite excited, it is to raise money for Sticky Church, a childrens group at Cheap Street Church, Sherborne, where you can take your little ones on the first Saturday of the month, they make, stick, cut, sing, listen to stories and even get a little snack. So all the money raised will go to buying supplies for this great community group. So, on the 9th March from 10am I will be there, selling my wares! (More info closer to the time).

Off to Wales on holiday for half term, so hoping to have lots of yarny stories and finds to share with you then.

Lots of love, Caroline Makes It!

Friday, 25 January 2013

Afternoon All!

Sorry it's been a couple of days since I checked in at Blogspot HQ, hope you have all been keeping well. 

So, I guess you are wondering what I have been up to!

This is my kitchen table today...
So from the top, its sewing together squares for Simply Knitting's charity project for Refuge, several of our dear customers at Sherborne Tapestry Centre ( been busy knitting squares for the campaign, so this weekend, I have bought them all home to start sewing them all together.
Next is my charity shop haul from this mornings shift at Sue Ryder, Sherborne, three pattern books and a bracelet - See Thrifty Finds page

Just next to my new Jean Greenhowe pattern book is the latest Joules catalogue ( I will be perusing at my leisure later on, and lastly but most definitely not least my little treats from Atomic Knitting...

A gorgeous little cat crochet marker, a beautiful dragonfly shawl pin and really cute ball of wool needle holder! Their website is really lovely, loads of must haves for knitting, crochet and the like. I have even sent hubbie a link to their site, well it is Valentine's Day soon, and then in March it's my Birthday and Mothering Sunday!