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Sunday, 28 July 2013

Adventures in sewing

Today I awoke feeling particularly creative! Even before I was dressed I began searching through my stash of fabric and clothes waiting to be revamped / upcycled.

(I will not be including a pic of said stash!)

Once I decided on a selection of jumpers and scraps I set about scouring the interweb for inspiration, and there is plenty out there... which is a short and sweet list of easy projects to get the novice seamstress hooked, I particularly liked this,
The pattern for which is available from
I also liked
(pattern available from

However, I wanted something more fun, so I moved onto every crafters favourite site - Pinterest (you can find some of my inspiration on my boards

I settled on a simple shape for my first attempt - An Elephant!!

And here he is...
His name is Oscar and I have to say, I am rather proud of him! He is upcycled from a felted jumper.

Oscar didn't take very long, so I decided on something more adventurous, so with out a pattern, or indeed any idea at all, I set about making Olive! What do you think?
Olive, much like her namesake from 'On the Buses' is not the most glamorous of Owls, but she has a good heart and wants to be loved, and lucky for Olive I have a four year old daughter who has instantly fallen in love with her! Ahhhhh

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Upcycled silk scarves

I love scarves! It is one of my weaknesses, I have an entire section of my wardrobe dedicated to my scarves. Woolly scarves, pashmina scarves, silk scarves, cotton scarves, plain scarves, patterned scarves...You get the idea. Anyway, I have noticed in the more exclusive shops (Phase Eight) in my local town a movement towards scarves with pompoms around them...
This particular scarf is available from and is really lovely, however, slightly out of my price range.

So I came up with the idea to customise a scarf. Off I went to the nearest charity shop (Tenovus) and purchased a rather lovely blue floral silk scarf for the princely sum of £1.99...
Then I hot footed it off to my favourite haberdashery and bought some pompoms

And I set to work, I think the end result is rather lovely...

What do you think?

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Well been blogging for almost two days now, and I have to say it is really rather exciting! Admittedly I only have one follower at the moment! Hello Gwen *Waving* but slow and steady etc...

In this age of austerity! (don't you just love that word!) When my dear husband accidentally boil washed his 100% Merino wool jumper and made it super small some months ago, I was determined to not let it go in the bin. And it has stayed tucked up in my 'to do' pile ever since, that is until last night...
Armed with a pair of scissors, some chalk and a tape measure (and a great tutorial I set to work to create something wonderful!
I measured the sleeves as suggested, and started to cut...

Now I had to sleeves! Great, what next, so I tried them on and made cuts to accommodate a thumb hole, dully cut where required and sewed up aforementioned cut, they look like fingerless gloves, ta da!
Ok so they aren't the prettiest fingerless gloves you'll ever see, but they kept my hands warm on the walk to nursery this morning, they match my new coat (see Thrifty Page). I did however still have rather a lot of jumper left to play with, so once again armed with my scissors, I cut the bottom ribbing off and then cut straight across just under the arm holes, giving me in addition to my unique fingerless gloves a rather snuggly cowl to match!
Ok, so they probably need some embellishment, but they kept me warm and I am rather proud!